River Song/Melody Pond - “Nice hair, clever, and has her own gun.”
Who By Elevens | Eleven Companions

#from a little lost girl who broke out of her prison and ran away to live on the streets #through a brainwashed killing machine #to a woman who decides about her own life and destiny #I am forever puzzled when people say that river has no choice in her life and she has to be with the doctor #because that’s her destiny and that’s written in her life #uhm not exactly #her destiny was to kill the doctor #she was trained and raised in this very purpose #that what was expected of her; this is how her life was supposed to go #saving the doctor back in berlin and deciding not to follow the orders and her upbringing again - it was her going against her destiny #going against everything she was taught to do #the same for saying that doctor is with river only because he has to and she forced him #yes because a dude who travels through time and space and fights aliens and commits gonocide cannot ‘free’ himself from one woman #idk for me they are together - they keep meeting - because they choose to #the thing is that doctor does not have to respond to river’s messages #he does not have to catch her when she feels like jumping from a spaceship #and most certainly he did not have to marry her #in the same way as river did not have to show up at the ponds’ wedding and give amy her diary #she chose to do it because she wanted to do it #they are not together because of pre-destiny or anything like that #they are together because they choose to #and river is not who she is because she was programmed that way #she is who she wants to be. she decided to changed and she did. (via your-bespoke-psychopath)

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