#the best friendship that never was #endless parallels #like we don’t get to see buffy’s progression from vain prom queen to the chosen one #with the weight of the world on her shoulders #but we know it’s THERE #and then BAM this vain ridiculously #self-absorbed character is introduced and we think we’re positioned to just love and hate her for what she is but NO #you watch and she GROWS #she is a person with legitimate feelings and a good moral foundation which is just hidden under a layer of vanity #vanity that she was taught in her priveleged upbringing #but suddenly GO ATS and she doesn’t have that anymore and she LEARNS TO BE GOOD and THAT’S WHO SHE WANTS TO BE #and i don’t think enough people stop to think about how amazing this is #and that is in essence why buffy and cordelia will always be sisters with really different hair to me #the best thing i never had

 #omg #those tags though #perf #and you’ve got buffy who has that power foisted onto her and struggles to come to terms with it #but essentially ends up knowing nothing beyond this world that she is so in the center of #v. cordy who dives into it until she has power foisted on her as well - the visions #and then she sees the magnitude of it and the world around her #and she’s determined to help - just like buffy - but she also struggles with the acceptance of that life for herself #they both have this entire world that they’re responsible for helping #so many people in so much pain #and they both give up their lives to help #ugh perfect

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