Which one do you want?

#and this is why I love rory #he’s not afraid to call the doctor on his shit #he doesn’t worship him like other companions do #he loves him sure #but when the doctor fucks up #he’s gonna be the one to tell him 

#I think it’s interesting that the Doctor uses the word ‘choice’ #because you know Rory doesn’t really have a choice here #they both know it #it’s not a choice between Amy outside the TARDIS or the one inside #it’s a choice for Rory to either confront the sadness the heartbreak and the guilt outside that door #or run from it #the Doctor is telling him to make that choice #the same Doctor who tried to run from all those things when he destroyed Gallifrey #the Doctor made the wrong choice but he had someone there to help put his life right again #Rory however….Rory’s more brave than the Doctor could ever be #Rory confronts the situation and doesn’t run #he makes the choice to not be like the Doctor but to be BETTER THAN #As the Doctor runs away from the impossible choice once more because he cannot bear the continuing guilt #Rory is there to stand up and be the human that the Doctor could never be (via lokiinthetardis)


Doctor Who Series 6: The Girl Who Waited

Themed Party, Challenge 46: Isolation The girl who waited. - Doctor Who.

“The look on your face when you carried her. When you carried her away, you used to look at me like that.”