#hey remember that time when martha took care of the doctor? #uhm wait #you mean this time on the moon when she saved his life? #or when she stayed with him and helped him when he was burning? #or when she spent 3 months of her life as his servant? #a black servant in the beginning of the XX century? #or when she took care of him when they were stuck in 1963? #and during all the these times doctor was an emo douche? #when I watched s3 I wanted to punch ten so hard that his first regeneration would feel it #I wish eleven and martha met #and he’d be babbling and babbling and she’d be like ‘oh just shut up for a second! you’re even more chatty than the last time!’ #and doctor would be like ‘… about last time. I WAS A DOUCHE AND YOU WERE AWESOME AND FEEL FREE TO PUNCH ME I AM SORRY FORGIVE ME?’ #’PLEASE? I AM SO SORRY.’ #’BECAUSE MARTHA JONES - YOU WERE - AND STILL ARE - A STAR’ #and she’d be like ‘I know.’#I HAVE SO MANY MARTHA JONES FEELINGS IT’S NOT FUNNY