Entertainment Weekly- Comic Con Day Three

Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Johnson, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Spader 

Marvel Studios Panel - Comic-Con International 2014 

Interviewer: “Now there’s a rumour going round about you being the Hollywood man of intensity.”


A woman (first photos) is asking for Marvel actors to show their support for her dad who has cancer. So far today, Jeremy, Cobie and Chris have showed their support along with some others. Hopefully all the Avengers take part!




Brilliant night for The Avengers.

12/100 pictures of Jeremy Renner & Scarlett Johansson

79,80/100 pictures of The Avengers cast 


“When is the last time you played air guitar?”

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We’ve known each other for…over 10 years now, and she’s like my sister. She’s a couple years younger than me, but for some reason I feel like she’s my older sister. She’s incredibly mature. She’s cool, funny, relaxed. I really won the lottery getting to make as many films with her as I have. [Chris Evans on working with Scarlett Johansson for the third time] [x]