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You want weird tv episodes that you’ve never seen before? It’s probably been on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You want a musical episode? Buffy. An episode with no talking at all? Buffy. A good laugh about a demon-hunting dummy? Buffy. What about one where hyena ghosts posses high school students and then go eat their principal? Guess who. Just go watch Buffy you piece of shit.


Whedonverse Appreciation | Buffy Summers
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What did you just do?
I - I don’t know! But it was cool!


buffy summers appreciation month | 1/5 friendships or relationships

Do you want me to wag my finger at you and tell you that you acted rashly? You did. And I can. I know that you loved him. And he… has proven more than once that he loved you. You couldn’t have known what would happen. The coming months are gonna be hard… I suspect on all of us, but… if it’s guilt you’re looking for, Buffy, I’m not your man. All you will get from me is my support. And my respect.”


do you ever think about dawn summers in s7

dawn summers, who’d suffered some of the worst trauma possible the year before and watched a sister become distant and one surrogate sister endanger her and in general betray her time and again for power while another surrogate sister was murdered and her dead body left for dawn to find

dawn summers, who’d trusted a monster and found that he’d hurt- not her, but her sister, the one most unforgivable deed. dawn summers, who’d been tossed that information as a selfish tool for revenge by the one last person she’d seen as her caretaker

dawn summers, who went on to live in a house the next year with all those people, who immediately got to work and coexisted beside them and basically went out of her way to be as efficient and helpful as always even when she’d spent another year being pushed into the background by everyone else- who patched up spike when buffy asked her to and took her role as observer and researcher and host seriously and never questioned it or resented not getting to be more

like we talk about how selfless dawn is and we talk about how good she is and how much like her sister she is but her capacity for forgiveness is also on par with buffy’s

the monks made her out of me. she’s me. yes. yes she is.

I’m looking for this guy. Bleach blonde hair, leather jacket, British accent. Kinda sallow, but in a hot way?