Comic-Con EW portraits - The cast of Community [x]

Michael: Another piece of information was dropped and… brace yourselves… (x)


The Cast of Community on TV Guide’s Comic-Con Yacht

“They’re weird by nature. Their job is to be psychotic — they literally live in two different worlds. Don’t trust them.”
- Dan Harmon

We won! (please don’t tell Mychael Danna we stole his Oscar on the plane) 

Joel McHale and Danny Pudi at PaleyFest 2013

What surprises you the most from that experience of just shooting it and reading the script and seeing it live?
ALISON: I feel like the whole episodes, they’re a surprise on many levels. First, we’re like “Oh yeah, that’s what the episode’s about.” Second, because I feel like we’re really by our fourth year now… (x)