For those who might have not have seen this yet, this is Yuzuru Hanyu’s skate for Japan last night at the 2014 Olympics.   He scored a 97.98 on this skate, and currently sits in 1st place!

This is one of the best skates I’ve ever seen and I had to share!


I really just wanted Hank and Marie to adopt Jesse, or at least wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup for a little while.


#nothing on dw will ever compare to this scene

“If a woman writes about herself, she’s a narcissist. If a man does the same, he’s describing the human condition.” —

Emily Gould

#see also all the Brave reviews complaining about it being too emotional #with the mother-daughter plot #while every damn movie about a man with daddy issues #is a perfect portrayal of the universal generational conflict between child and parent

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