It’s all I knew when I was a child.

this week, on kitchen nightmares

I pray for home too.

Robb Stark is dead.

Anonymous: "Stannis isn't really my favorite character but when he talked about his daughter last night, I respected him and the kind of man he is. I think I would like him more if I got to read his thoughts more and see more scenes of him in the show."


unfortunately he doesn’t have a pov chapter so you don’t know what’s going on inside his head. but he likes to rant, especially in the davos chapters, so that’s the most internal monologue that you’ll get from him.

i seriously wonder what a stannis pov chapter would be like tho because he angsts and grinds his teeth all the fucking time what is he thinking about 

renly shade robert shade lannister shade tyrell shade he’d be so fucking shady in his internal monologues that he’d literally just be like ontd with the latest news on your fave fucking up and being problematic

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Amethyst. Painting I did for sansastark's birthday…!