Liv & Orlando @ Wellington Premiere

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And I still have the message on my phone where Viggo says “Hey Jane, good news, I’ve got Florian, you can go pick him up”. And I was just like Oh My God, and I rang him and said thank you thank you, how much do I owe you? And uhm, he says, no no, I want to give him to you. It’s just Viggo you know? He’d do it cause he understood.”

(Jane Abbott, Liv Tyler’s stunt rider, on how Viggo Mortensen bought Arwen’s horse at the end of filming for her.)

lotr cast commentary

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"How many times, Elijah? You can’t double tig-a-tag!"

lotr cast commentary


Orlando Bloom + kissing Percy | requested by anon


saying goodbye to hugo & liv on set of rotk


"You know, in all seriousness: everyone got hurt on this movie, everyone was scarred, everyone went through a little bit of physical kind of pain. But if you’re talking about something life-changing… something huge, you know, something that really had a deep effect on all of us - not only the person it happened to, but the crew and most of the Western hemisphere - Orlando breaking his rib was huge."

Viggo breaks his toes/ Orlando breaks his rib