#yes this #She stopped being afraid #the Doctor was just a distraction #it was never real love #never #it was hero worship and the fear of compromise because she knew the Doctor wouldn’t be forever #she knew whatever happened with the Doctor it would have an expire date #But Rory #Rory was forever and she was scared of that #so she took the easy way out #but oh she loves him #she loves him so much #and anyone who denies it isn’t watching the same show as I’m watching

Ron & Hermione character posters for HP1 & DHp2


#well i don’t know how would you react if your bestie in-laws were making out #or if your regenerated daughter was swapping spit with your best friend


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doctor who meme  five otps


Amy & Rory

I waited. 2,000 years, I waited for you.

She never did wake up?

i’d like to wipe it out