Fact: comic creators share feelings with fangirls, often.


Film Crit Hulk responds to Vulture’s trainwreck of an article, ‘Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s a Prick’.



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This makes me so mad. This makes me so fuckin mad. You’re such an idiot. PSH was addicted when he was younger and struggled with addiction for a long time and regularly checked himself into rehab. Just because he struggled with addiction does not make him a bad person and doesn’t make his death any less tragic. He tried so hard to get clean and he ended up losing his battle with addiction and left three small children behind. So yeah, it’s fuckin sad. It isn’t just sad, it’s absolutely devastating, it’s tragic, it’s heartbreaking. Go fuck yourself Jared Padalecki.

I suggest you all follow Aziz Ansari’s Twitter feed today.